Mercury XX is film is about a young woman, who draws her first breath on another planet.

Her only companion is the spaceship’s AI, that steered her decade-long journey across the stars and kept her alive. Now upon arrival, Will has a hard time comprehending the reality of her encounter with the new planet. But she is also in conflict with the fact, that she has to leave her sole friend behind.

This conflict develops toward the point, where she has to make a decision between her familiar, sheltered life on board of the ship and her excitement to take this next big step (breath) for humankind.



13 Women

The Mercury 13 were a group of thirteen female aviators in the Fifties, who secretly underwent all the required tests and preparations for NASA’s Apollo program in the 1950’s supported by William Lovelace.

However, due to the political climate and the general situation at the time, they were ultimately rejected, although they often outperformed even their male competitors, especially with regards to the psychological tests, which were conducted using isolation tanks and sensory deprivation chambers.

Since then, 12 astronauts have been sent to the moon. None of them are women.


Mercury 13 Quotes

"It's possible."

“There was always a certain amount of prejudice about women in men’s fields. But there were stories of women. So I know it was possible.”

"It's very relaxing, very peaceful."

“In that sensory deprivation chamber, the women were perfectly happy to be there forever, and the men just couldn’t take it. They started crawling out of their skin.”

"There is no such thing as a good old girl network"

I would have liked to walk on the moon. I would have walked, I could have made dust, because I know the guys did. I could have done anything they did.

Why do you think there is a need for women in space?

"Well it's the same thing as there is a need for man in space. If we are going to send a human being into space, we should send the most qualified."

"Yes, women can do this. Someone has to start to fight to change the opinion.
Someone has to lead the way."

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